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Voyage Kids Academy offers programs in organizations such as art schools, daycares, preschools. Please inquire us for more information if you are interested in having this service in your organization.

Why learning a second language at a young age is important:

Although learning a second language can be challenging, research strongly suggests that a person’s “critical period” for learning new languages is during the early stages of life while the brain is still young.  Due to the brain’s plasticity during childhood, learning a new language comes more naturally, and in most cases, with a native-like accent.
Exposing your child to a second language early on has countless benefits that go beyond the learning of the new language. Studies reveal that these children typically exhibit better problem-solving skills, planning and multitasking abilities, spatial relations, memory, creativity, flexible thinking, and communication skills.


Why art benefits children:

Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops cognitive, social, emotional and sensory-motor skills. Art is a cooperative learning experience that provides pleasure, challenge, and a sense of mastery. Instruction in the arts is one of the best ways in which to involve the different modes of learning. Through art, children learn complex thinking skills and master developmental tasks (Belden & Fessard, 2001).
Children love art. By allowing them to express their creativity and explore, they are developing their brains and enhance important life skills.

Why teach languages through fine arts:

The blend of language and fine arts entails and develops a variety of different skills, stimulation of the left and right brain, as well as employing multiple senses: auditory, visual, tactile, kinesthetic.
Most importantly, teaching language through fine arts is a FUN learning experience for everyone and opens many doors for new opportunities and achieving great potential.

Language & Fine Arts “all in one”

Unique programs in Calgary, in a fun environment, from very early ages!