Spanish & Dance

Parented classes (6 -12 months)

This class is intended to help the babies’ cognitive, social, and sensorimotor development while exposing them to a second language in a secure and enriched environment. As the name of this class suggests, the fine arts component of this class is dancing, and Spanish is the language being introduced. Through fun, upbeat Latin music rhythms, bond with your little one and feel the beat in your feet!

French/Spanish & Mini Classical Concerts

(6 -12 months)

French/Spanish & Mini Classical Concerts are a wonderful opportunity to introduce babies to a second language and classical music.
With age-appropriate language activities, classes are accompanied by live classical music as it typically grabs their attention more than a recording.
Listening to classical music has many benefits due to its complex musical structure, instrumentation, and harmony. Such components further challenge the baby as they stimulate different areas of the brain. Furthermore, being that classical music is commonly calming and slower in tempo, it may also improve the baby’s sleep patterns.