French/Spanish & Dance

(3 – 5 years)

This class is offered in French or Spanish through a story according to a theme. For example, in our “enchanted garden” theme, children may be invited to reap the fruits of imaginary trees, dance imagining the rain or the wind, move around mimicking animals, etc.

This creative art expression explores space, time, force, free movement expression, different kinds of movements and dancing using instruments such as shakers, and ordinary objects. Storytelling, props, and imagination are used to evoke movement. Always in a confident and fun environment.

French/Spanish, Live Classical Music & Theatrical performance:

(3 – 5 years)

This program is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to a second language and classical music.

Listening to classical music has many benefits due to its complex musical structure, instrumentation, and harmony. French/Spanish language is introduced through a fun theatrical performance, accompanied by live classical music.