French/Spanish & Dance

(walkers – 36 months)

All toddlers naturally love music and dance. During these classes, children will be introduced to the French or  Spanish language through dance and songs. Movement and French or Spanish vocabulary are explored, in classes full of color, happy beats, and fun props.

French/Spanish & Arts

(12 – 36 months)

During these classes, children are exposed to French or Spanish language as they explore their sensory processing with art activities. Our little artists will paint with a variety of mediums and tools from yogurt, fruit, and spaghetti, to shampoo, tapioca, and ice, as they are exposed to French/Spanish vocabulary.

Portuguese Lullabies & Songs

Parented Classes (24 – 36 months)

Songs and nursery rhymes are great ways to learn a new language. In this session’s classes, your toddler will be exposed to the Portuguese language through Portuguese lullabies, songs, and nursery rhymes.
The repetition found in lullabies and nursery rhymes further encourages children to memorize words, familiarize themselves with pronunciation, and explore vocabulary.

French/Spanish, Live Classical Music & Theatrical performance:

(12 – 36 months)

This program is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to a second language and classical music.

Listening to classical music has many benefits due to its complex musical structure, instrumentation, and harmony. French/Spanish language is introduced through a fun theatrical performance, accompanied by live classical music.